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141 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604 STUE 300A
Ph: 312-629-2988 ext 112

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Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus is the only agency in Chicago that focuses exclusively on achieving health equity for same gender loving Black men. Our programs activate community members as health leaders and support institutions as they transform their operations to better respond to the needs of same gender loving Black men.


  • Caucus Corps: We provide opportunities for Black SGL men to become leaders within and advocates for their community. Caucus Corps is the membership and advisory body of Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus, where we cultivate the leadership capacity of men in our community. More intensive opportunities for involvement are available to Corps members who participate in the Planning Committee. Join the corps today!
  • Cultural Enrichment: We create spaces that celebrate the talents and achievements of our diverse community. Cultural enrichment is a series of monthly public activities that grow the social infrastructure of our community.
  • Fellowship and Internship Programs: We provide annual fellowship opportunities to individuals interested in structural and community-based work focused on improving the lives of Black SGL men. These employment training and professional development opportunities are particularly well-suited for masters-level interns in public health and social work programs.


  • Grassroots Advocacy: We engage in local/state level planning groups and coalitions that push forward work that positively impacts the health and wellness of Black SGL men. This includes increasing accurate and comprehensive representation of the lives and experiences of Black SGL men. We provide mentorship to our brothers to participate in advocacy efforts.
  • Knowledge Dissemination: We support the transformation of organizations toward practices that improve the health and well-being of Black SGL men. We raise awareness of the social-structural forces that impact men in our community, including the source and nature of those forces. Our staff advise on the development of public health interventions, human services, and mass communication.
  • Equity Coordination: We centralize community assets and other organizations relevant to Black SGL men. We ensure that our brothers access resources that will positively impact their health and wellness.

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Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus identifies social-structural forces that impact our community’s health, supports the transformation of these forces at the policy level, and activates community members as public health leaders.