Research Policies & Interests

Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus believes that effectively improving our community’s health begins with a broad and deep understanding of same gender loving Black men.

This understanding requires data. Therefore, the Caucus supports research in a variety of ways: joining studies as Co-PI/Co-Investigators, sitting on community advisory boards (CAB), and promoting research studies.

If you’d like the Caucus to promote your study, keep in mind that we prioritize research studies that answer YES to each of the following:

  • Is your study’s leadership team comprised of at least 50% same gender loving Black men?
  • Is your study’s community advisory board of at least 75% same gender loving Black men?
  • Does your community advisory board meet at least quarterly to assist in the development, implementation, and evaluation of your study?
  • Are community advisory board members compensated at least $50/yr for their ethnographic expertise?
  • Will you disseminate the results of your study back to our community within 3 months of your study’s conclusion? Do you have a plan on how to interpret your findings for a community audience?
  • Do you have a list of theory-to-practice recommendations based on your study’s findings?

Please contact Alonzo Brown, our interim executive director, at to explore partnership and promotion opportunities.

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Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus identifies social-structural forces that impact our community’s health, supports the transformation of these forces at the policy level, and activates community members as public health leaders.