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Joshua J. Travis

Executive Director


At just 28 years old, Joshua Travis came the youngest Executive Director in the history of the Chicago’s Black Gay Men Caucus. The Chicago native graduated from Rich East High School before earning his Bachelor’s at Illinois State University, his Master’s at DePaul University, and will be entering candidacy for his Doctorate in 2022.


Joshua got his start in the non-profit sector after undergrad when he joined the Alzheimer’s Association as an Information Specialist manning the helpline and doing case management with a special focus on LGBT older adults that frequently faced discrimination. He then joined a children’s welfare agency as their Strategy Manager where he honed in on the shifting funding streams within DCFS and how they affect mental health services statewide. He was then tapped to take on the role of National Expansion Manager of Youth Guidance, a school-based program that focused on comprehensive services for young people.


Now as the Executive Director of the CBGMC, Joshua looks to passionately continue the work of his predecessors while implementing fresh ideas and overseeing new initiatives in pursuit of the mission of the Caucus.

Brandon M. Wright

Program Coordinator


A native of Gary, Indiana, Brandon Wright has been a member of the Caucus for six years. Initially starting as a volunteer in 2015, he was promoted to the staff in 2017 and has been a valuable member of the Caucus ever since.


Brandon’s life of service to others began during his senior year at Merrillville High School where he was a Senior Ambassador and served in the capacity of a counselor to younger LGBTQIA students. He then attended Illinois Media School and continued to work with other community building organizations before connecting with the CBGMC.


Since joining CBGMC, Brandon has focused his attention on community building and outreach as well as doing work within public health. He is inspired to do the necessary work for the growth and development of black men and help to provide safe spaces and the various essential services that are needed within the LGBTQIA community.